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Doing for learning, for action taking. In every professional situations.


#edumotic takes training further.

Trust Generator

The right for time and error is the right to progress.


#edumotic takes education further

"For your school or training center, we create work situations in pedagogical companies. Students are mobilised in high efficiency work teams"

Our value proposition

Edumotic provides higher education instututions and training centers with pedagogical modules based on situational learning, during which students realise projects in collaboration with experts.

Since 2014, higher education schools have taken benefit of Edumotic tools and methodology and differenciate from the competition, bringing their students an intense human experience.


From undergrade to graduate levels, Edumotic incites to valorise their skills in demanding projects, as close as possible to real ones and in many various industries (information technology, management, finance, strategy...etc).

Our pedagogical companies and their international level experts teams aim to build strong trust relationship and boost their energies in order to reveal a potential that is to rarely used by classic methods.

Schools and Training Centers

Do you want bring value by integrating an innovative and demanding module in your courses ?

Expert Consultants

10 years experience minimum ? What if you shared it by joining a communauty of experts ?

"Edumotic certification, issued for each module delivered by our experts on LinkedInĀ®, give a true and sustainable acknowledgement of skills acquired"

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